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Doing what is important even more efficiently

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Without prejudicing short and long terms

Optimizing processes and using technology

Make the best choices

Eliminate waste

Improve productivity

We have carried out more than 800 projects helping companies to rethink their businesses and improve their spending efficiency

We act together with the clients, delivering average gains from 10% to 15%, reaching 40% in some cases

Why will organizational budgeting in 2021 be different than in previous years?



How we can help your company

Administrative Labor Expenses

Operational Labor Costs

Variable costs

General and Administrative Expenses

Budget planning and management

Administrative Labor Expenses

Assess the efficiency of your organizational structure and team productivity

- Organizational Structure’s review and simplification

- Identification and elimination of activities that do not add value

- Elimination of rework and redundant activities

- Centralization of functions seeking productivity improvement

- Productivity increase through process improvements supported by technology

- Adequacy of the team's level of expertise and experience

How we can help

Operational Labor Costs

Optimize your operation and prepare it for the new normality

- Productivity increase through process improvements supported by technology

- Staffing and team’s skills optimization trough Workforce Management

- Optimization of people and equipment capacities through OEE improvement

- Routine Review by standardization and trainings supported by technology

How we can help

General and Administrative Expenses

Adjust the level of spending with focus on what is essential

- Efficiency improvement in consumption and price levers by analyzing spending packages

- Improvement of procurement process to capture price savings

- Standardization of best practices in applying resources and spending

- Review of policies and benefits

How we can help

Variable costs

Improve process efficiency

- Development of predictive and prescriptive models using advanced Analytics to optimize the processes

- Capacity optimization and process’ losses reduction by improving OEE supported by technology

- Optimization of maintenance processes

- Routine Review by standardization and trainings supported by technology

- Procurement process redesign to capture price savings

How we can help

Budget planning and management

Adopt the best management practices in your company

- Adjustment of budgeting process to fit scenarios of high uncertainty

- Spending cross-control by definition of parameterized indicators in consumption and price

- Governance structuring for expenditure management

- Establishment of mechanisms for continuous assessment on resource allocation

- Decision making models developed by scenarios’ simulator

How we can help

Our tool was developed to help companies in spending where matters

- Easier to prioritize the spending allocation as well as to find opportunities

- Better engagement of managers and users

- Less time spent and more in-depth analyses

Falconi’s methodology and expertise supported by technology

How we do It

We identify optimization opportunities – comparing results to business benchmarks


We assemble work teams with Falconi consultants and client’s employees working side-by-side and we train client’s team members in our methodology


We plan actions and implement the proper governance to capture the results


We set the right focus based on the company’s objectives as well as on opportunities found


We go deep into opportunities and thereby we refine and quantify them by making use of more sophisticated analyses


We structure the processes and mechanisms for a healthy culture of managing expenses









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